About Us


About Us

Our learners

MK Snap offers professional support to learners with a range of learning difficulties and challenges. Our learners are from Milton Keynes and the surrounding local authorities and include adults recovering from stroke or head injury, those with visual or mobility impairment, and those with learning disabilities, such as those on the autistic spectrum.

The type and extent of difficulties experienced by MK Snap learners varies greatly and this list offers a few examples but is by no means exhaustive:

  • Behavioural/social – relating to others
  • Communication, expressing themselves or understanding and processing what others say
  • Reading and writing (e.g. dyslexia), number work or understanding information
  • Concentrating (e.g. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), appropriate behaviour

If a young person has a statement of special educational needs, he or she will have a ‘transition plan’ drawn up in Year 9. This helps to plan for their future after leaving school.

Joining Us at MK Snap

Learners who come to MK Snap feel like part of a big family. They make new friends, and are well supported by our dedicated team of staff.

MK Snap looks at the needs of each individual learner and encourages them to get involved in subjects and courses which interest them.

If you are thinking of joining us at MK Snap, we invite you to come along and visit us. This allows you the time to see if Snap is the right place for you. The staff will chat to you and learn a bit more about you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and we can advise you as to whether MK Snap is right for you.

Every learner at MK Snap is assigned a keyworker. They will get to know you and will be there to support and guide you. The staff at MK Snap are passionate about making a difference and will always do their best to make you feel part of the Snap family.

What we do

With more than 25 years’ experience of working with disabled people in the local community, we aim to be able to demonstrate for each of our learners:

  • Improved independence, quality of life, sense of purpose and confidence;
  • Ability to contribute to society;
  • Reduced dependence on society support structures.

And for our local community:

  • Improved health and well being could mean less dependency on the health professionals.
  • More and more of our learners are living and working in the community.
  • Our dedicated and purpose-built facility makes it possible for us to support a large number of learners.
  • Our life skills programme teaches communication, personal finance, cookery, safe use of computers and many more important skills for living more independently.
  • For some of our learners, we offer accredited courses run at MK Snap by Milton Keynes College.

We have extensive long-term partnerships both locally and nationally, working closely with local special needs schools to support their work experience curriculum and provide options for graduating students.

In the local community, we work with local stakeholders and groups such as The Learning Disabilities Service and Autism Partnership Board and have received support from the Milton Keynes Community Foundation in the form of funding, advice and volunteers. Nationally, MK Snap is a member of the National Autistic Society.

Our partners

MK Snap is proud to be working in partnership with many highly respected organisations across Milton Keynes. Among these are:-


“Slated Row Students gain a great deal from the part-time work experience that they do with MK Snap” – Slated Row School

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