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A Brief history

In 1992, MK Snap opened its doors in a modest unit in Kiln Farm after parents found no services suitable for their adult children with learning disabilities once they had completed school/college. After more than ten years at Kiln Farm, the unit was no longer able to meet the new demands placed upon it. In 2004 a £2.6 million pound New Centre appeal was made to facilitate moving to a purpose built premises. In response to growing demand for places, we moved to a purpose built facility in Walnut Tree in 2008.

Our exciting space enables us to operate in a very different way from the early days. MK Snap still continues to work with local companies, providing a quality packing service which our learners really enjoy. Nowadays we have a growing number of learners with a wider variety of disabilities. We pride ourselves in being able to offer an extensive variety of subjects on our curriculum which provides exciting opportunities for our learners development. Although MK Snap remains a charity at the heart of the MK Community, we are now delighted to receive learners from the bordering counties of Bucks, Beds and Northants.


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Milton Keynes Special Needs Advancement Project (MK Snap)

MK Snap began in an industrial unit in Kiln Farm as a day service for adults with Learning Disabilities

MK Snap – Kiln Farm

Why did MK need a Special Needs Advancement Project?

MK Snap was created for parents who found no services suitable for their adult children with learning disabilities after they had finished education

In 1992 we had only 15 learners attend MK Snap 

Welcome to Snap

Mechline, Work Training at Kiln Farm

“We come to MK Snap to work”

Originally MK Snap offered work training. Local businesses such as Mechline provided us with work and the Kiln Farm unit was rented from Milton Keynes Community Foundation

“We come to see our friends”

Training was delivered in a flexible manner, tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Many of the Learners had a new found confidence as they completed the work in a social and supportive environment

The team and the Trustees

Ian Farmer (CEO), Ian Stewart, Peter Wilson, Anthony Bond, Alexa Wilkinson, Norman Miles, Peter Crook, Luis Nadi, Norman McKeoun, Jane Liddington, Brandon Ransley,

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Milton Keynes Council Adult Social Services grant MK Snap title of approved provider

The small team of staff and Trustees worked extremely hard in the first few years bringing in Learners and raising MK Snap’s profile to keep the doors open and the service running

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Real work, real experience

After many years of hard work and sourcing jobs from local companies, MK Snap offered a range of outwork in the form of assembly | packing |mailshots

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20 learners are now attending MK Snap

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Educational opportunities

MK College began running college IT sessions in the small computer room. This area offered Learners opportunities to gain an accreditation in IT

Computer Room at Kiln Farm

A Woodwork workshop was established

 Learners were given the opportunity to gain practical skills, improve dexterity and a sense of achievement creating bespoke items

Snappy sewing

MK Snap’s sewing team had their work featured in Quick and Easy Cross Stitch magazine

Happy Snappers

MK Snap had become a hub of excitement and opportunity and a safe haven for those that had struggled with other services

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MK Snap model of success

MK Council invited MK Snap to take part in an exchange visit with the Czech Republic. The MK Snap model was replicated and a similar facility was set up in Czech Republic

30 learners are now attending MK Snap

Roger Jefcoate CBE, DL became Patron

High demand

By 2002 MK Snap was at full capacity with up to 30 Learners attending daily, 60 throughout the week and many more on a waiting list. MK Snap needed to move to a larger centre

“We would like to be part of the community and the community to become part of us. It’s not just our future, it’s the future of Milton Keynes as well”

Ian Farmer, Former Chief Executive

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Snaps launches fundraising appeal

In 2003 MK Snap launched a fundraising appeal in order to raise the £2.5 million needed to finance a new building

WillSnap Band

From 2003-2007 a collective of business executives from Milton Keynes came together to create the WillSnap Band raising funds by performing at The Stables

Raising awareness and funds

With the help of Sally Fennemore and Debra King, MK Snap began holding events including Gala Dinners and ‘Snap up a Frock’ to raise awareness and funds


Mayors Charity of the Year

In 2004 the Mayor of Milton Keynes Norman Miles chose MK Snap as his Charity of the Year

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Snap quiz

In 2005 MK Snap’s legendary Quiz nights began

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Work training, education and life skills

Learners started taking on more responsibility in the running of the Kiln Farm unit gaining skills in administration and reception duties

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MK Snap reaches fundraising goal

In 2007 thanks to the support and dedication of many, in particular Peter Wilson and Ian Stewart, architects Woods Hardwick drew up the plans for the new building

Ground Breaking

November saw the team break ground and the build began

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Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford became Patron of MK Snap


MK Snap moves in

 In 2008 the MK Snap team of staff and Learners moved into the new building.

The Duchess of Bedford opened the building dedicated to Sally Wilson, daughter of Peter and Jane Wilson

RICS Community Benefit Award

In 2008 the MK Snap building opens for use and is awarded runner up in the RICS Community Benefit Award

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New Chief Executive

In 2009 Greg Ellaway became Chief Executive

Snappy sports

 The addition of the sports hall saw MK Snap introduce new sessions and work with local sporting groups

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Growing numbers

45 learners at MK Snap 

It was soon clear that offering more sessions meant more Learners. The staffing team grew to support the growing number of Learners attending and by 2010 there were as many as 45 Learners attending daily and over 80 on the register

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Mayors Charity of the Year

In 2011 the Mayor of Milton Keynes Alan Richards chose MK Snap as his Charity of the Year

Centre of the community

The purpose built building offered opportunities to invite the community to work with MK Snap. The sports hall and meeting rooms were available to hire. Walnuts school moved into Room 1 and the Jill Foster Dance Centre offered dance lessons in the sports hall. New City Church began using MK Snap’s facilities on Sundays

Snap Shows

In 2011 MK Snap hosted its first performing arts show, which showcased the talents of the Learners. This is now an annual event

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New Chief Executive, Maureen McColl

2012 Maureen McColl takes over as Chief Executive

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2013 Gala Dinner at Woburn Sculpture Gallery

MK Snap’s choir performed at the first gala dinner held at the Woburn Sculpture Gallery


In 2013 MK Snap was part of the team campaigning for a Disability Awareness Day Pillar to be part of the MK Rose in Campbell Park

MK Snap rebrands

With the help of the marketing team at Clarity, MK Snap rebrands with a new logo

Walton Community council move in

In 2013 Walton Community Council moved into MK Snap

Snap Enterprise

Our stall

In 2013 MK Snap created a Social Enterprise making and selling handmade products

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Healthy lifestyle

Sport had become such a popular session that MK Snap partnered with the Jill Foster Dance Centre and MK Dons SET to offer specialist sessions. MK Snap also introduced Yoga into the timetable

Snap Café

In 2014 the MK Snap catering team were ready to open our new Café


The Wolfson Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation and RBS commercial kitchen

The Wolfson Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation and RBS donated to MK Snap enabling a commercial kitchen to be fitted and the MK Snap Catering Team was formed

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Johnstone’s Community Spirit Award Winners


In 2015 with the support of MK Dons SET and hundreds of voters, MK Snap won the nationwide competition. Mitie Properties Services added colour to the building with Johnstone’s paint

Learner Council formed

In 2015 MK Snap Learners voted and elected the first Learner council

Advocacy day

In 2015 MK Snap and other local disability services in Milton Keynes take part in an advocacy day with Local MP Iain Stewart and other dignitaries

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ITV Peoples Lottery winners

In 2016 MK Snap won a regional competition and received £49,452 to make its garden fully accessible for people with disabilities

Chamber of Commerce Charity of the year

In 2016 MK Snap became charity of the Year for Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce

Snap scores 99% in Council audit

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MK Snap celebrate 25th anniversary 

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As MK Snap celebrates 25 years, 6 new Trustees were welcomed to the board. MK Snap now has 12 Trustees taking the charity forward

A series of special events mark 25th birthday


MK Snap offers over 25 sessions

Today MK Snap has a leading programme of education, work training and life skills opportunities helping over 120 Learners to reach their full potential

123 learners at MK Snap


© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148