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The MK Snap Cafe opens its doors every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12.30 to everybody in the community.

You can enjoy homemade cakes and a hot drink in our naturally lit atrium area, whilst being waited on by our learners.

The learners are involved in all aspects of the cafe giving them the opportunity to develop their customer service skills and also make the cakes themselves within a working kitchen environment.

Please pop by one Tuesday or Thursday and join us , you wont be disappointed!

What our customers say:

“Great food, Great People”

Allison S

“I took some of the cake back to our office and they were gorgeous”


“Fabulous service from everyone as usual”


“Thank you for your amazing cakes and fantastic service”

Allison D

“We love Thursday Mornings when we get to enjoy the great cakes from the Snap cafe”

Walton Community Council


© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148