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MK Snap Events

2019 Events

MK Snap Swimathon Article

116 is the number of lengths swam by 4 learners from and one swimmer for the local charity MK Snap. They were raising money for the introduction of new projects at MK Snap. Their 116 lengths mean that within the hour, they managed to swim a combined distance of 2.9 Kilometres!

On Saturday 23rd February, 4 learners from MK Snap took part in the 2019 Assisted MK Swimathon, an annual event which was hosted by Middleton Pool in Newport Pagnell. The learners swam non-stop for the full hour, making the most of the fitness opportunity and they made everyone involved very proud. It was a spectacular day, with everyone involved having great fun whilst raising money for their chosen charity.

When asked about the day, one learner from MK Snap said “it was really fun to participate and made me feel good”, with another learner adding “I like swimming and I want to go again”.

MK Snap’s Sports Officer, Oliver Golding, summarises a fantastic day by stating “our learners had so much fun participating in the Swimathon and it’s great hearing that because of this experience the learners want to start swimming more. We have also had feedback from those there on the day saying how impressed they were with the learners and the talents they hold”.

Organised by theTramadol Online Ohio, the MK Swimathon aims to help fundraising efforts for chosen local charities. The funds received by MK Snap will be put towards creating Breakfast and PM clubs to provide learners with healthier breakfast options, along with tackling social isolation, an issue with affects large amounts of people with learning disabilities.

Providing opportunities for the learners to improve their health and fitness at MK Snap this year is of high importance and falls nicely into MK Snaps ‘Project Snap to IT’. This project was funded by the National Lottery through ‘The People’s Project’, which aims to increase the participation of people with learning disabilities in sport and wellbeing activities, whilst raising awareness of what people with disabilities can do!

Oliver says that “the project is coming along great, we have significantly increased the amount and range of sport and health-related sessions at MK Snap and through social media and working with external partners in the community we are raising awareness for what people with disabilities can do!” One of the learners who took part in the Swimathon commented on the impact that this project is having on them, by saying “sport has helped me lose weight and get fitter”. The sport has more than just physical benefits, sport can greatly benefit individuals mental wellbeing, significantly benefiting the learners at MK Snap.

MK Snap is a local charity which offers people with learning disabilities the chance to develop educational, life, social and work-related skills, along with the chance to improve their health and fitness through sport.

MK Snap also entered 4 teams into the 2019 MK Swimathon main swim 9 March, in the hope of raising money for these valuable projects. Together supporters aged 11 years + swam for an hour raising funds to help create breakfast and after snap clubs for our learners.

These extra clubs will help tackle isolation, which is an issue that affects some of our learners due to their disability. The breakfast club will also give learners the opportunity to have a healthy breakfast which can improve wellbeing as well as offering an extra service to our families and carers.

So far, collectively, the teams have raised £1000 approx and can continue to raise funds until June. If you would like to support the teams then please donate on the Order Tramadol Florida

Written by: Oliver Golding Sports Officer MK Snap

Buy Ultram Tramadol Online

This year over 50 people took part in our sponsored Dargon Walk, 20 March.

Members from age 11 years and four-legged friends joined MK Snap in walks around the beautiful green spaces of Milton Keynes. With walk routes of 2k, 6k and 10K following the redways, around Walnut Tree, Browns Wood and Coldecotte Lake, encouraged by a fun warm up with our friendly mascot Blu, members of the public took part to help raise awareness for our small but vital Milton Keynes charity.

Images by Jane Russel Photography

Next Events

Good luck and many thanks to our supporters taking part in both the London Marathon 28 April and MK Marathon 6 May 2019

 If you require any further information about the above events

Please contact the team on the following email: Buying Tramadol From Mexico

Thank you for your support

© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148