London Marathon

On April 22nd MK Snap will again be represented by 4 fabulous runners at this years London Marathon. Over the next few months we will be introducing you to them all, their reasons for running and why they chose MK Snap.

Our London and MK Marathon runners From left to Right: Franzi, Daniel;, Kevin, Anna, Matt, Kelly

Runner 1: Franzi

My name is Franzi, I run two little pubs in Milton Keynes and I started running in January 2015. Since then I have completed a marathon, two ultramarathons and plenty of smaller races.

Although I can complete the distance of a marathon, I would really like to set myself a more time-based target for next year. In 2017 I tried to complete the London Marathon in under 5 hours, but had a really hard time and ended up taking 5:20. Please give me the extra encouragement to get a move on by sponsoring me!

I am extremely lucky that MK Snap have selected me as one of their runners for the 2018 London Marathon. MK Snap are a local charity (in fact, they are based just around the corner from me!) and they provide unique person-centred education, life-skills, work preparation and opportunities for work to adults with learning disabilities. At MK Snap vulnerable adults gain the skills and confidence to increase their independence, realise their potential and make a valuable contribution to our local community.

Thanks for your support; please give generously. Thank you!

Runner 2: Kevin

Hi, Many of you will know I had to give up playing football at the age of 21 due to a patella dislocation. And then in 2003 I broke my other leg and dislocated that knee (on top of the full break, that hurt!!) at karate leaving me with 2 screws in my femur under my kneecap.

I have always stated that I don’t run. My knees stopped me playing football and getting to karate black belt (my kicks were rubbish). Golf seemed to be the only sport I could play.

But then Lisa joined Redway Runners in MK. After much arm twisting I signed up for MK Parkrun in October 2016 and really enjoyed the 5km run. I took it easy for a while fearing my knees.

Runner 3: Matt


Hello, I have been running for about 4 years and decided that when I hit 40 it was now or never to see if i could run a marathon and with the motivation of running for MK Snap i am hoping that will spur me on! Training has gone well and despite my knees are a bit dodgy I feel like i am on track.

I decided to run for MK Snap after spending a morning seeing what the charity was offering. It was really humbling to see the fantastic support that was offered to the learners. The support staff are truly incredible and do a wonderful job. I decided that anything I could do to help both financially and by making people more aware of the charity and what it offers would be a worthy thing to do

Thanks Matt and good luck with the rest of your training.

Runner 4: Natalie

Hello! Thank-you for taking the time to read my marathon story! I will keep it short and sweet!

I am embarking on the INSANE journey of running the London marathon for an amazing charity very close to heart! MKSNAP is an independent organisation providing a mix of education, training and socialising activities nurturing independence and appropriate workplace experiences.

MKSNAP provides a safe, encouraging place of learning for young people and adults recovering from stroke or head injury, those with visual or mobility impairment, and those with learning disabilities, such as those on the autistic spectrum.

So where do I fit in all of this? Well I have been working with the participants at MKSNAP for several years providing sport and active lifestyle courses. Concentrating on fundamental motor skills and active participation, participants join in on a range of activities promoting team work and individual enhancement.

Good luck to all our runners as they take on this years London and MK marathon events

The MK Snap Marathon Runners 2017 (click photo for more information)

Introducing Our MK Snap 2017 Marathon Runners (click photo for more information)



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