London Marathon

On April 28, 2019, MK Snap will again be represented by 8 fabulous runners at this years London Marathon.

Good luck and many thanks to our supporters: Ali, Kaye, Rachel, David, David AGL, Rebecca, Alex and Foxy for taking part the London Marathon 28 April and/or the MK Marathon 6 May 2019. Below are their stories;

Alex, Why I have chosen MK Snap:

I first heard about MK Snap through my running club, MK Lakeside Runner’s and then I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the charity and meet the lovely people they help every day. My visits to the charity made such an impact on me, the learners are just amazing and the staff do a brilliant job – running the London Marathon on their behalf will be an honour.

Alex’s own story …..After the birth of each of my children, I hit a couple of mental and physical rough patches – gaining the usual weight and suffering from the baby blues and sleep deprivation. So the second time around, when Jack was 4 months old, I decided to enter a fun run with friends to get me out of the house. Never having run before, I didn’t want to make a complete fool of myself, so I decided to do a few training runs and I found that I instantly loved it (despite it being a real struggle, to begin with!). By the time I run the London Marathon, I will have been running for almost 4 years to the day, but in that time I haven’t ventured further than 15 miles. The marathon’s 26.2 miles always seemed a bit beyond my capabilities and was what proper runners did – but now that the shock of winning a charity place (in the MK Lakeside Runners ballot) has sunk in, I am starting to think I might actually be able to do this! View my Virgin Money Giving page here.

Go, Alex!


David “Foxy” Bayley:

I have chosen to run for MK snap as the parent of a severely Autistic child & can see the benefits for him in the future once he is beyond school age & any funds that can keep the place going is a good thing. View my Virgin Money Giving page here.


 I genuinely believe in the work the charity does. I was so humbled to be allowed to come in and spend some time with your learners and your staff and volunteers and I remember the sea of happy, smiling faces. I can see what a profound difference MK Snap makes to the learners and their families and I can only hope that my small contribution helps support your work. View my Virgin Money Giving page here.


After the 9th time of trying I ws once again unsuccessful in the ballot for the London Marathon. I had been so positive this year was the year – I had even booked my hotel. Then MK Snap came to the rescue.

I am truly honored to have been offered  a charity place. I really wanted to get to know the charity and everyone involved so i travelled from my home town in weymouth to fundraise locally and more importantly meet the learners and staff at MK Snap.

It was a truly moving expereince and totally inspiring. I have supported people with learning disabilities and know how impportant it is to enable them to be the best they can be and promote their independance. The learners have even made centre pieces and bunting for a charity race horse night I had organised in Weymouth with only 24hours notice. When I visited and collected them, I was so emotionally. The centre is amazing!

I left on a real high and if I hav half the energy of the learners and staff I will fly around the Marathon course. MK Snap keep thanking me but hand on heart I should be the one thanking them! View my Virgin Money Giving page here.

MK Snap Marathon Runners 2017 (click photo for more information)

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