The Rose Campbel Park, Milton Keynes

MK DAD brings together a range of communities from across Milton Keynes. MK DAD aims to highlight the enormous talents and strengths of people with disabilities and to empower them to play an integral part in the communities where they live. By celebrating as a society we raise awareness of the needs of everyone and by understanding these needs, we can become a truly inclusive community.

“Disability Awareness Day sets out to show that everybody has abilities – there are remarkable things that people with disabilities can achieve and MK DAD showcases all that potential” Debbie Brock, MK DAD Chair

Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day is a celebration organised by services and charities across Milton Keynes. More information can be found on the MK DAD website here.

This year July 14, 2019, MK Snap will be hosting an inclusive and fun SportsFest event to engage and encourage sports activities for those of all abilities. More details to follow.

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