MK Marathon

Milton Keynes Marathon 2018

MK Snap is a Bronze sponsor of this years event in Milton Keynes and we are looking for people to wear the MK Snap vest as they complete the course

The event will take place on Sunday May 7th 2018

If you would like to take on this challenge whilst supporting a local charity in the process then please contact us today to register your interest

(call 01908 690330 or email

MK Marathon

“Running for a charity gives you additional motivation. It increases your focus on those long winter nights and when the training gets tough it makes completing the MK Marathon even more rewarding”

MK Snap

” If you choose to run for MK Snap we will support you all the way to the finish line. We can help you achieve your fundraising goals and would welcome you to come in meet the learners to see where your raised money would be going. MK Snap has supported many runners through the London marathon over the past 10 years but this will be our first MK Marathon, and we look forward to you joining us at the start line”


Meet Our Runners

Runner 1: Kaye

I spent 4 months last year training for the London Marathon, which I was running on behalf of MK Snap, determined to make the most of the experience as I knew that this would not only be my first ever marathon, but also my last. A very sore knee meant that I had to limp, run and hobble around the 26 mile course, which was the most amazing day ever and I even managed to raise over £3000 for MK Snap. 2 weeks later I had booked myself onto the Birmingham International Marathon, which I ran last October and I think it is fair to say that I haven’t really stopped running since then!

So I have set myself the challenge of completing 2 marathons in 3 weeks this year. I am running Brighton on April 15th and then on May 7th I am running the MK Marathon on behalf of MK Snap. Although this isn’t my first attempt at 26.2 miles, the idea of running 2 marathons in such a short space of time, when I have only been running for 3 years and when I am not getting any younger is definitely a daunting one!

For those of you who don’t know, MK Snap is a charity who provides education, training, life skills and opportunities for adults with a learning disability. It has had an enormous impact on many individuals and their families and I am extremely proud and honoured to be a Vice Chair of the charity. I have seen the benefit that it brings to individuals who are supported to grow and develop in a caring and highly individualised environment.

I know that I received huge support from family, colleagues and friends who sponsored me last year, but MK Snap continues to need financial support in order to be able to carry out the fantastic work that it does and so I am asking you to see if you would be prepared to support this great organisation once again by supporting my latest challenge.

On behalf of the learners, the staff and the volunteers I would like to thank you for your donation.


Runner 2: Anna

Hello there! I’m Anna, and I would love to introduce you to MK SNAP, Special Needs Advancement Project for a local community of Milton Keynes. It’s a very welcoming training centre for people with various learning difficulties where they help gain more independence, build confidence, and live more fulfilling lives! They don’t only offer professional help to learn new skills and improve well-being, but also friendship, and family-like atmosphere.

When I lived in Milton Keynes a couple of years ago, I was a part of a Camphill community for people with special needs. The people whom I lived and worked with are members of MK SNAP, and that’s how I got to know this centre! They told me how much they learnt and how much fun they had doing the course outside the community. I myself built good friendship with them, and I’m very happy to know them.

Runner 3: TBC ( Contact us today if you would like to join our team & run on behalf of MK Snap)

Half Marathon

Runner 1: Dan

In 1992, MK Snap opened its doors in a modest unit in Kiln Farm. After more than ten years at Kiln Farm, the unit was no longer able to meet the new demands placed upon it. In 2008 MK Snap moved to a purpose built facility in Walnut Tree. The exciting new space enables them to operate in a very different way from the early days. MK Snap still continues to work with local companies, providing a quality packing service which the learners really enjoy. Nowadays they have a growing number of learners with a wider variety of disabilities. Snap prides themselves in being able to offer an extensive variety of subjects in there curriculum which provides exciting opportunities for the learners development.

Although MK Snap remains a charity at the heart of the MK Community, we are now delighted to receive learners from the bordering counties of Bucks, Beds and Northants.

Recently I had the privilege of working with MK SNAP, Milton Keynes Special Needs Advancement Project. During my time volunteering I was blown away by their educational system, and amazed by the extent of facilities available to all learners. Over the first 2 days I was there I had the opportunity of helping out with Media studies, life skills, sports, dance, gardening, artwork, environmental studies, working sessions and music. Wow…… just wow.

As a thank you to all the staff and learners, for making me feel part of the family – I would like to raise £500 to help towards their educational system, and help them to continue doing the amazing work that they do.

please support me in my half marathon by donating as much as you possibly can. myself and Snap really do appreciate it.

Runner 2: Kelly

I started running in 2010 initially on my own, then last year joined a local running club “Redway Runners”. Through the club I’ve met lots of inspirational people who have worked hard to achieve their goals, ranging from Zero to Hero, Couch to 5k beginners and I also have mentored a good friend from a beginners group to her very first 5K at MK Parkrun, running every step of the way with her, she was amazing!

I love the feeling of being able to help & support others and to see others fulfil something they maybe at one time thought impossible. With this in mind, I would love everyone to get behind me & support me in my fundraising challenge,

On May 7th I will be proudly running & representing MK Snap in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon. This amazing charity based here in MK offers individuals aged 16+ with a learning disability education, training, the opportunity to access a workplace environment and to socialise, all things many of us take for granted.

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