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Don’t Just Do it! Snap to it! This is our Aviva Community Fund project. The showcase of the funding will be a festival of sport and activities highlighting the talents and skills of people with disabilities, both seen and unseen, staged on national Disability Awareness Day, July 14, 2018.

The festival will highlight what disabled people ‘can do’ and invite our community to ‘look beyond disability’ and embrace the inclusion of people living with a physical or mental disability, into all areas of our society.
Our project partners include the MK Disability Awareness Day working group consisting of key local community leaders, groups, services and organisations including MK Dons Sports and Education Trust, MK Council, Camphill MK, MacIntyre, MK Community Foundation and MK Community Action.

The festival will offer inclusive sports and games including football, cricket, tennis, bikes, bowls, badminton, archery, yoga, music and dance, do-it-yourself arts and crafts for able-bodied and disabled.

Within MK Snap, the AVIVA Community Award funding will enable us to offer a greater
choice of fun, social and enjoyable indoor and outdoor health, well-being activities including sport, dance, yoga, healthy eating, cooking and gardening for people with disabilities aged 16+ .

The Don’t Just Do it – Snap to It! project will focus on a tailored, approach to healthy lifestyles, adapting activities to reflect the changing needs of individuals. Alongside the physical sessions, Learners will be in the classroom developing their IT, numeracy, literacy, communication and social media skills. We will motivate them with the skills, knowledge and encouragement to build healthy choices and activities into their everyday life, providing a sense of purpose and building their self-esteem.

We have teamed up with the Why Weight, healthy lifestyle projected funded by Milton Keynes Council to deliver sessions to learners.

During the year Snap to it! will join teams from a diverse range of communities to create the opportunity to connect with others, including the Bucks and MK Sport and Activity Partnership, LEAP and MK College. We want to promote greater awareness and understanding and tackle the stigma and social isolation often experienced by people with learning disabilities.

Our People’s Project is about involving the whole community. We want it talked about on social media, local radio and in the local press. Our great number and diversity of project partners will go a long way to ensuring a high level of publicity.

The project’s goal is to expand participation of people with disabilities in physical activity and for activity-providers across the community to support the participation of people with physical or learning disabilities or poor mental health.

In our current Don’t just do it – Snap to it! project we’ve seen an increased awareness of the importance of activity and healthy eating among our learners. We’ve seen an increased interest in outdoor activities such as gardening and environmental studies. We have case studies showing increased activity levels. Another success has been the positive changes in mental wellbeing. We have seen Learners gain the confidence to join activities, clubs and social groups outside of Snap. This funding will enable us to expand and roll out this success and make a real impact.

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