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Canvas Art Production

The learners at MK Snap are passionate about art and have produced some truly fantastic work.

MK Snap Art has been part of multiple exhibitions including at our annual Gala Dinner,  the Now You See Me exhibit at Centre MK and the Snap Attack exhibition at Xscape Milton Keynes.

Many of our pieces have also been specially commissioned by local companies to bring colour and vibrancy to waiting rooms and offices. If you are interested in a unique commissioned piece of Snap Art please contact us at Order Tramadol Florida

When you walk around MK Snap you will see lots of art on the walls, all of which is for sale so if a piece catches your eye please let us know

Buy Cheap Tramadol O, Tramadol Purchase Overnight

Some of our art works have been printed onto cards which can be purchased from our stall within MK Snap. Please pop in to see our latest selection:

Art at MK Snap

In art we look at a broad range of different materials and techniques to produce art in different styles. We also use different printing techniques like the screen print to produce work.

Over the past year we have looked at a number of different art topics like pop art, abstract art and some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Learners are also producing art onto canvases which are sold and exhibited in and around Milton Keynes, helping raise awareness of people with learning disabilities and their talents.

Buy Cheap Tramadol O, Tramadol Purchase Overnight

“I like painting and drawing and learning about design and trying new things” – Shako 

“ I like seeing my friends, and using different colours in my work.” – Gemma 

“Its relaxing and something I really enjoy doing, its such fun.” – Stefan 

© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148