Garden products

MK Snap Gardening Products

The garden at MK Snap produces a variety of plants and seasonal vegetables throughout the year. Our garden has grown in size since winning the ITV Peoples Projects and now consists of 2 greenhouses, a large accessible poly tunnel and 6 raised beds.

Items grown in the garden are sold from the table outside the MK Snap entrance as well as indoors on our enterprise barrow. Please pop by to see what we have and place your payment in the money boxes.

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Gardening at MK Snap

The learners currently take part in 5 gardening sessions per week. The gardening sessions focus on developing the learners gardening skills and learning new ones in a relaxed friendly environment. The learners are encouraged to choose what they would like to grow and sell. Group discussion and research are used to plan our planting schedule. The learners are able to experience and enjoy working outside through each different season.

What the learners say:

“I like being out side in the fresh air it makes me feel good”  Hazel

“Harvesting the fruit and vegetables is fun,we get to taste what we have grown” Simon

“I like taking home what we have grown to give my Mum to cook” Scott    

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