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OU volunteer banner

Our fundraisers

MK Snap is delighted to be the chosen charity for many businesses. If you would like to fundraise for MK Snap please get in touch with us for support, help or information on 01908 690330 or email: Best Site For Tramadol Online

Tramadol With Paypal - Order Tramadol Australia

How your money can change lives

It is good to know that there are ways to put your hard earned money to the best use possible, whilst reducing the tax that you pay and helping MK Snap in the process.

Of course everyone’s circumstances are individual so you should always take qualified advice when it comes to tax, but the following opportunities to donate to MK Snap tax efficiently are worth considering.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid increases the value of your donation by allowing us to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift.  So if you donate £50 to MK Snap, it is actually worth £60 to us. That extra £10 can go a long way, at no cost to you.

If you are a higher rate tax payer you can claim extra tax relief on your donations: a £100 donation is worth £125 to us, but costs you only £75.

If you claim age-related allowances or tax credits, Gift Aid donations can sometimes increase your entitlement.

You can even carry back this financial year’s Gift Aid donations to last year.
Provided that you have paid Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax that is at least equal to your donation in the tax year in which you donate, you can help MK SNAP even more by using Gift Aid.

There is a short form to fill out for HMRC, if you email Get Tramadol Prescription Online we will send you one.

If you would like to make a donation to MK Snap, please contact 01908 690330

Payroll giving: Give As You Earn

For businesses that administer PAYE, running a Payroll Giving Scheme enables your employees to donate tax efficiently to MK Snap directly from their pay.

Donations are made before Income Tax is deducted, so employees only pay tax on what is left. They benefit because they get immediate tax relief on their donations, at their highest rate of tax.  So a basic rate income tax payer’s donation of £20 a month costs them only £16.  For a higher rate income tax payer their £20 monthly donation costs them only £12.

For your employees to maximise their donations in this way all you need to do is register a Payroll Giving Scheme with HMRC. There are more details of how to do this on HMRC’s website.

If you are an employee and would like your organisation to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme then we will happily lend our support: please contact 01908 690330

Inheritance planning

You can leave a lasting legacy that changes lives, even after you have gone. And better yet, you can do it while you save tax.

If you leave a gift for MK Snap in your will, it will be deducted from the value of your estate and will not be liable to Inheritance Tax.  In addition, any gifts that you make to MK Snap in the seven years before your death will also be exempt from Inheritance Tax.  So coupling regular Gift Aid or Payroll Giving with a gift to us in your will can be extremely advantageous to you and your loved ones and also to MK Snap.

If you do not have a will, then you really should think about having one. Even if you already do, it is straightforward to add a gift to MK Snap using what is known as a codicil. Your solicitor can help, but to make things easier we have suggested wording for different types of gifts in a new will [here] or for a codicil to your existing will.

Alternatively we have donors and supporters from local law firms who may be able to help you with inheritance planning and preparing your will for you.

GT banner

Pictured: Local company Grant Thornton chose MK Snap as their Charity of the Year

Get involved as a Corporate Sponsor


So why choose MK Snap?

  • We are a small local charity so even a little of your help can make a huge difference
  • Your support is tangible: we can tell you exactly who it has helped or what it has paid for – and you can see for yourself too.
  • We treat our donors as our partners.
  • We will work with you to help realise your CSR goals.
  • We value all donations. They might be financial but your time and interest in us helps us too.

We encourage donors to spend time at MK Snap forging invaluable relationships between you and our learners, staff and volunteers.

What are the benefits of a partnership with MK Snap for my organisation?

    • Promotes pride in your organisation amongst your team.
    • Boosts morale and builds loyalty.
    • Boosts motivation.
    • Nurtures team-building and leadership.
    • Gives an amazing sense of satisfaction and reward.
    • Enhance your brand.

Together we will:

    • Generate great PR for your organisation.
    • Build upon & enhance your reputation for CSR.
    • Raise your organisation’s local profile.

How can my organisation help?

Some ideas include:

  • Making MK Snap your organisation’s ‘Charity of the Year’.
  • Organising employee fundraising and team building events (e.g. mountain climbing, bike races, marathons and sky-diving).
  • Matching employee fund raising efforts.
  • Donating time, skills and resources at MK Snap as a team-building event
  • Setting up a Payroll Giving scheme (‘Give As You Earn’)
  • Promoting Gift-aid donations
  • Sponsorship of MK Snap’s Annual Gala Dinner.
  • Sponsored website pages.
  • Publicising MK Snap on your website.
  • Coming along to MK Snap social & networking events.
  • Providing real work for our learners to do in our workshop
  • Offering work placements for our learners

We also offer opportunities for corporate sponsorship promoting your brand, including:
• Logos on our website, stationery, t-shirts & mini buses.
• Co-branded events.

Tax efficient donations from your business

If your organisation runs PAYE for its employees, you can help them to make tax efficient donations to MK Snap by setting up a Payroll Giving Scheme.

For companies, your corporate donations to MK Snap are deductible from your total profits before Corporation Tax is applied, reducing your tax liability.

Sole traders and partnerships pay Income Tax so they can make donations from their businesses to MK Snap using Gift Aid, allowing us to claim tax refunds in addition to your gift. If you are a higher rate tax payer you can claim extra tax relief on your donations.

There is a short form to fill out for HMRC or if you email Get Tramadol Prescription Online we will send you one.

If you would like to make a donation to MK Snap, please contact 01908 690330

© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148