Work Training

Work Training

Work Training is provided to us by local companies. It allows our learners to understand the importance of getting things right in a real work place setting – and the work you produce will end up being sold to customers from all over the world.

Corporate outsourcing to MK Snap helps us to develop and maintain our work skills programmes for learners and generates income which is vital to the charity.

The work that comes to us from companies across Milton Keynes enables MK Snap to deliver significant multiple benefits to every one of our learners and of course to the companies, who know that the quality of the work will be excellent.

Companies supporting us with work include:

Stewart Dunn MD of Kre8 Products Ltd
“It has been and still is a pleasure to work with SNAP. The staff are very helpful and have ensured our Kre8 educational kits, including model electric cars and Mars Rover self-assembly kits have been packed well. I cannot praise them enough”.

Joanna Ibabarra of CHC Bugs Buster kits
“It’s absolutely fantastic to be working with a sister charity and providing assembly work for the learners that they enjoy.”


Work based training brings:

  • Improved manual dexterity
  • Increased practical skills
  • Greater self-sufficiency and confidence
  • Satisfaction of completing work of real value
  • A sense of pride, achievement and purpose
  • Team building and improved communication
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Cost-efficient handling of time consuming tasks

Under the supervision of staff, learners at MK Snap deliver a high-quality, competent and cost-effective service for assembly, packing and mail shot compilation.

We’ve been working with some companies for years, and our corporate partners are clear about the value to their businesses of outsourcing to MK Snap.

“Over the years, MK Snap has been able to provide a wide range of skillsets to cover the broad range of production assembly tasks that we have set them. I am pleased to be able to tell you that of all the thousands of products that MK Snap has assembled for us, there have been zero non-conformity. This is the highest of all of our suppliers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality, reliable service that you provide.”
Peter Sage-Passant, Managing Director, Mechline Developments Limited.

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