Welcome to MK Snap

At MK Snap we:

  • Provide complete support and personalised learning plans for every learner
  • Provide fun and motivating, yet safe and caring, environment
  • Empower our learners to live independently when appropriate
  • Create fulfilling workplace and volunteering opportunities

MK Snap provides a mix of education, training, socialising, growing independence and appropriate workplace experience, either with a carefully-selected local business or an opportunity within MK Snap.

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Who Are We

Established in 1992, MK Snap is a charity offering professional support, training, education, life skills, work and opportunities for individuals aged 16+ with learning disabilities. Our staff team ensures that both learners and employers are well supported to achieve the goals they would like to achieve.

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Our Courses

With an extensive range of subjects on our curriculum, there’s something for everyone at MK Snap. If you have a desire to improve your life skills and work skills, or maybe you would like to take up some activities that make you feel good about yourself, then get in touch and see what’s on offer at MK Snap.

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Snap Enterprise

Snap Enterprise allows our learners to experience and develop skills such as customer service, money skills, canvas art and other craft skills as well as working together as a team. Together these provide real work experiences and open a range of opportunities that our learners can access and be supported with.

Our Mission

To deliver a leading programme of education, life skills, work preparation and opportunities to adults with learning disabilities, providing them with the skills they need to be the best they can be.

Walk through the doors at MK Snap and you will feel the energy, creativity and pride that is lighting up the lives of adults with learning disabilities.

Our experienced and intuitive staff see the uniqueness and talents of each learner and build on these qualities to personalise a learning programme to inspire ambition, determination and independence.

© MK Snap 2017 - Registered charity number: 1013148