MK SNAP Resources

MK SNAP aims to continue to provide our learners with fun activities that they can complete at home and continue with their studies, developing and building on skills. We will continue to add new content onto our website, and share across our social media channels, please continue to check this space. Here some online quizzes available for you to get started. Click on the links below to access them and follow the steps, don’t forget to write your name, so we can see how you are all getting on. Good luck and have fun everyone!

Music Quiz

Try our mega music quiz 30 questions, if you like music it’s now time to test your knowledge.


What is Coronavirus?

It is all over the news, but how much you know and understand about the Corona virus? Let’s find out!


Art Quiz

Enjoy art? Well I`m sure you will enjoy this. Have fun art lovers.


Money Quiz

Money, Money, Money! You have been learning about money in SNAP, let`s test your knowledge! Good luck, this is a hard one!


Baby Animal Image Reveal

What better to cheer yourself up than a quiz on baby animals? The faster you answer the questions the more points you get.


Healthy Lifestyle Quiz

We all know it is important to stay healthy, let’s see what you know!


The NatWest website have some great money games you can play at home. Click to access them.


Download Activity sheets here

Useful links to other websites and sources;

Craft with Claire

Poem by Angela

Performing Arts with Annie

Bring me Sunshine with Margaret

Yoga with Katie 1

Yoga with Katie 2

Baking with Jade

Heart Chakra Meditation with Katie

Street Dance with Hayley JFDC