MK SNAP Education & Work Training

With an extensive range of subjects on our curriculum there is something for everyone.

MK SNAP looks at the needs of each individual learner and encourages them to get involved in subjects and courses which interest them.

MK SNAP Enterprise allows learners to experience and develop skills such as customer service, money skills, as well as working within a team.

Our qualified and dedicated staff team, see the uniqueness and talents of each learner and build on these qualities to personalise a learning programme to inspire ambition, determination and independence.

MK SNAP Work Training



This is a practical session which involves different activities such as card making, painting and other art and craft activities.

In canvas art, we look at a broad range of different materials and techniques to produce art in different styles. We also use different printing techniques like screen print to produce work.

Over the past year, we have looked at a number of different art topics like pop art, abstract art and some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Learners are also producing art onto canvas which are sold and exhibited in and around Milton Keynes, helping raise awareness of people with learning disabilities and their talents.

Catering helps to promote independence and confidence in the kitchen. Learners will develop their understanding of basic food hygiene and H&S in the kitchen. Learners will plan, prepare and bake simple catering orders. This experience encourages communication, working as a team and valuable skills.

To teach learners about the skills needed to run a business and all the parts that this involves. Assembling and making products to sell by using their skills. These products could be creating canvas artwork to planting flowers for hanging baskets, whilst developing different skills needed to run an enterprise business.

The gardening sessions focus on developing the learners gardening skills and learning new ones in a relaxed friendly environment.

The learners are encouraged to choose what they would like to grow and sell. Group discussion and research are used to plan our planting schedule.

The learners are able to experience and enjoy working outside through each different season.

For the learners to get a better understanding of how to keep healthy and improve wellbeing. These sessions will focus on the learner’s personal health and wellbeing. Throughout the year learners will be learning about staying healthy and feelings. We know that to have a healthy body it is important to look after ourselves. This means doing active things, eating healthy food and keeping clean.

Life skills sessions provide learners with the opportunity to develop various skills they will use throughout their day-to-day lives. These sessions involve learning about safety within the home and the community, dealing with emotions, healthy eating and independent living skills within the home such as housekeeping skills. As well as developing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Milton Keynes College come into SNAP and run Animal Care, where learners find out the roles and responsible of caring and looking after an animal. MK College also offer an Employability Course where learners can learn develop skills needed in employment.

To explore nature whilst visiting the Lakes and Parks in the area. To understand the seasonal changes and how this affects animals, plants and us. Developing a basic understanding of how to protect the environment, as well as improving our health and wellbeing.

Performing Arts sessions concentrate on the development of performance skills including acting, singing and movement. Learners plan, design and develop their own show for public performance at the end of the academic year.

A typical session starts with physical and vocal warm ups and then concentrates on a specific performance theme. Learners have plenty of opportunity to practise skills and perform to the group. They finish the session with a recap of the learning they have achieved.

Learners also develop skills in communication, coordination, teamwork, decision making and recall.

Sport lessons provide learners with opportunities to develop lots of different skills. Learners will learn a variety of sports over a term and in recent years we have been fortunate to work with the following sporting partners:

  • MK Dons SET
  • Badminton England
  • Bucks County Cricket
  • MK Inclusive Tennis
  • My Active Plan

Yoga lessons provide learners with opportunities to develop an awareness of the breath and deeper breathing . Including an introduction to correct postures which helps increase awareness and the ability to balance. Also posture correction will help increase strength in the legs and stretching the whole body. The session includes a focus on relaxation.

Progressive  Fun  Respectful  Safe  Inclusive  Professional



We provide real work experience and develop a range of opportunities that our learners can access and be supported with.

It allows our learners to understand a real work place setting developing professional skills such as meeting deadlines and completing tasks to a high standard. Corporate outsourcing to MK SNAP helps us to develop and maintain our work skills programmes for learners and generates unrestricted income which is vital to the charity.

We are proud to say many of our learners go on to enjoy working with local companies and organisations with specialist support.

“Over the years, MK SNAP has been able to provide a wide range of skillsets to cover the broad range of production assembly tasks that we have set them. I am pleased to be able to tell you that of all the thousands of products that MK SNAP has assembled for us, there have been zero non-conformity. This is the highest of all of our suppliers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality, reliable service that you provide.”

– Managing Director, Mechline Developments Limited.


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