MK SNAP Artwork

MK SNAP’s art programme is dedicated to raising the profiles of talented artist’s with disabilities and broadening opportunities. We believe that every individual has the right to experience and enjoy the arts and explore the artists within!

Each piece of artwork is individually created by our learners with the support of our dedicated and professional team.

By purchasing our artwork you are supporting those with learning disabilities to harness their hidden talents. All funds go towards securing and maintaining an exceptional and unique service at MK SNAP. As a small local charity, a little help can make a huge difference. Your support is tangible in sustaining such a high quality and personalised experience for local people with learning disabilities.

See our learners artwork & support them!

Regrettably, our artwork is currently unavailable for sale. However, I have some exciting news to share! We are planning to host an online auction in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for updates.

During the auction, you will have the opportunity to browse and bid on a wide range of captivating artwork. We are confident that this event will provide a wonderful chance for art enthusiasts like yourself to acquire unique pieces for your collection.

Please keep an eye on our website or social media channels to receive timely notifications about the auction. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare for this exciting event.

Thank you for your interest in our artwork, and we look forward to showcasing it at the online auction.