Third Sector Business Awards 2020 – Winners!

MK SNAP and Mechline Ltd have won the Third Sector Business Awards – Long term partnership 2020.

MK SNAP demonstrates a clear impact on the lives of its beneficiaries. Mechline adapted its work practices to different individuals needs and provides a good level of wrap-around support throughout their journey and helping its service users/staff develop and be fulfilled. This is quite a unique example of a charity partnership, being a central part of how the charity delivers its services. MK Snap has also had a wider impact on community and employers – something likely only possible because of Mechline’s long term dedication.

“For our 25-year partnership to be recognised on a national level is somewhat staggering as we never set out to get any recognition, it’s just what we do. The work you do at MK Snap for the individuals and the greater good of the community is where the real recognition should be shone.” Kristian Roberts Mechline