Exhibition at MK Gallery

This art and photography exhibition showcase the skills and talents of people with learning disabilities.

It demonstrates what people with learning disabilities can do and achieve with the right support, explained Steven Carruthers, MK SNAP’s Director of Education and Quality.

“I’m very excited inside my heart,” said learner, Abdi Hersi.

Learner, Michael Waldron said; “I’m really chuffed because it’s my art work going to get displayed and sold to other people.”

The art and photography exhibition are part of MK SNAP’s enterprise business initiative, that unlocks and develops the interests, talents and skills of people with learning disabilities and provides the opportunity to be part of ‘the world or work’ in a supportive and creative environment.

SNAP Enterprises involves five business enterprises including canvas art and photography, horticulture, handmade crafts, café and catering and packing and assembly contracts for local businesses.

SNAP Enterprises build confidence life-skills and the learners gain a sense of satisfaction and pride in seeing their creations sold.

Steven Carruthers explains: “The learners love to create. It’s more about the process than the outcome but to have this exhibition means the world to them.”